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Adana Kebap
Lahana Sarma
Rus Köfte
Kıymalı Börek
Pizza Beef
Rus Mantısı
Fırında Makarna
Dr. Burger
Güveçte Mantarlı Pilav
Kıymalı Lazanya
Fırında Somon
Tavuklu Dürüm
Mevsim Yeşillikleri
Adana Kebab
Cabbage Wrap
Russian Meatballs
Minced meat in savoury pastry
Pizza Beef
Russian Ravioli
Baked Pasta
Dr. Burger
Mushroom Rice Casserole
Lasagna with Minced Meat
Baked Salmon
Chicken Wrap
Open buffet salad bar
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Fabulous Tastes

Every doctor and dietitian has his or her favorite diet menu. However, they often forget to ask those dieting what they actually want to eat. We have questioned tens of thousands of people on weight-reduction plans about their food preferences.

Then, we prepared healthy versions of those foods with fresh, high quality ingredients. We added genuine home-made dishes to the selection. We had thousands of people test our dishes, with the result that our menu is filled with delicious, low-calorie meals.

Diet Plan Features

The menu we offer is based on the Mediterranean cuisine. Fish and seafood is little consumed in our country outside Istanbul and the Aegean, Mediterranean, and Black Sea regions.

The food preferences of a variety of people were surveyed, and the most popular dishes included in the selection. Our menu does not use anything that could be harmful to human health, cause weight gain, or lead to feelings of hunger through the rapid fluctuation of blood sugar levels.

We bake our bread using whole wheat, rye, and oats. We offer fish, chicken, beef, eggs, and dairy products as sources of animal protein. Seasonal vegetables are cooked using traditional Turkish methods. Every meal also includes a choice of salads. Legumes, indispensable to healthy eating, are cooked with beef or chicken. Our kitchen mainly uses extra virgin olive oil and small amounts of butter.

Set Diet Menus

In addition to the a la carte menu, our restaurant serves two set diet menus, with 1200 and 1500 calories respectively.

Dr. Muzaffer Kuşhan studied in Germany and has knowledge and experience from four decades of preparing diet menus. Recipes have been perfected after research in which tens of thousands of people were asked their favorite foods. The dishes selected were then tasted by thousands of dieters before arriving at their final form.

Ingredients are obtained from reliable sources, and the freshest and highest quality products are always used for our meals. The calorie, protein, fat, and carbohydrate contents of our recipes are calculated meticulously.

Our dishes include genuine home-made pasta, rice pilaf, börek pastries, lahmacun (minced meat-topped flatbread), pizzas, kebabs, hamburgers and Turkish dumplings.

Our diet menus include an open buffet with 20 kinds of salads at both lunch and dinner time. In addition to the standard three course meal, seasonal fruits are served at 4 p.m. and oatmeal and diet desserts are served after dinner.